Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ukulele Fashion

Hello all! Let me start by saying that I apologize for the lack of postings the past couple of months, I've been crazy busy with figuring out school stuff and life in general and just haven't found the time to photograph my outfits... Which is sad because I'd like to make more OOTD style posts... Anyway, now it's Spring (it was 77 degrees today!), I've (finally) chosen a school for next year, and I'm ready to start shooting and posting much, much more (let's hope). 

A month or so ago from today (once again, I'm so sorry for the major delay), Ukulele Fashion, a super cute London-based brand that showcases lots of romantic and girly styles, was kind enough to send me three beautiful pink dresses to shoot with for this post! Once I received them, I couldn't help but notice how high quality the fabrics were and how beautifully the dresses themselves were designed (such incredible detail!). And I absolutely could not wait to photograph them in one of New York City's most beautiful seasons- the spring. I knew the newly bloomed cherry blossoms would make for a truly perfect backdrop, and patiently awaited their arrival all of March (it took them long enough!). The pinks and whites of the little flowers suit the pale pinks of these dresses so perfectly, and I'm so happy that I did end up waiting to shoot these (despite the guilt that consumed me during all of that time when I knew I should be focusing on my new blog and making more posts).
Enjoy! <3

Dress: Pia Dress

 This dress came in two parts- as a pink slip and as a sheer polka dot smock swing type dress. Once again, the detailing on these polka dots is incredible! And I just love the delicate nature of the sheer top dress. This dress is absolutely perfect for those hot spring and summer days.

Dress: Lia Dress
Hat: Thrifted from L Train Vintage

I think this was my favorite dress of the three! I adore the shift cut, the cute collar/cuff combo, and the color block style that allows it to be seen as either a dress or a sort of collared shirt and skirt combo. So lovely! It kind of reminds me of Anna Karina's style in Pierrot Le Fou.

Dress: Hebe Dress

And finally, I present to you this beautifully cut and, in my opinion, princess-like dress. This dress is so sturdy and thick and yet beautiful and flattering, when I first saw it I was incredibly impressed by the quality of this garment. Also, the cute embroidered flowers on the bottom hem are an added detail that makes it impossible to resist. I can't wait to picnic in Central Park in this dress one of these upcoming weekends.

Hope you enjoyed! I'll definitely be making a couple more posts in the next week or so-- stay tuned! 

All above photos taken by Ryan Santos Phillips
Clothing by Ukulele Fashion

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  1. wow your blog is amazing, I love your style and the photography is so good