Thursday, April 30, 2015

Book of Deer

  Today I'm excited to share with you some exceptionally lovely designs from Hong Kong and London based designer Elidh Ho! Her brand is known as Book of Deer, and her online shop consists whimsical dresses, tops, and skirts that feature her ultra cute hand-drawn prints. Elidh is the sweetest girl ever-- she sends the clothes wrapped up in this adorable packaging (it has a hand drawn deer on it!) and she even included a cute little pin, stickers, and a hand-written note in the parcel that she sent me.♥  I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to collaborate with her as she is such a small and independent clothing designer that produces such wonderful garments that deserve to be recognized! Elidh is incredibly talented and her work is so inspiring. Also, I absolutely love the themes that she releases with each season (for example, her S/S 2015 collection had a "Country Kitchen" theme, which I'll showcase in a couple of the following images  。◕‿◕。).
Enjoy! And please be sure to check out her designs at
Here's a photo of the super cute packaging that the clothes came in! Just look at that hand drawn deer~

Dress: Book of Deer

This perfect blue dress isn't actually available to buy on her website, as it didn't quite make production-- so I am so so so very grateful that she offered to send it to me after I noticed it in her S/S 15 lookbook and asked about it. I love it so much, it's definitely a dream dress of mine! The blue is such a icy, delicate color and of course I can't help but adore the cute little embroidered forks and spoons that cover the skirt portion. Thanks again Elidh! 

Hat: Thrifted from L Train Vintage

Ah! Look at the incredibly beautiful detail of the hand stitched tea kettle, silverware, and little plants on this amazing collar. This shirt from her S/S 15 "Country Kitchen" collection truly showcases Elidh's wonderful talents, and I'm just so truly inspired by her skill. If there was a perfect collar 2015 contest, then this blouse would win it. 

And last but not least, here's the beautiful velvet Stillness Dress from Elidh's A/W 2014 collection - "Hibernation". I ordered this last December or so when I first discovered her shop, and since then I've been wearing it as much as possible (too much) because it's just so perfectly designed. The velvet fabric is incredibly soft and fuzzy, and the little bears on the bow are such a perfect little added touch-- they actually remind me of the California bear (which is where I'm from). Once again, such truly incredible detail!

Thanks for viewing, and once again- be sure to check out Book of Deer (if not just to scroll through her adorable lookbooks). (´・ω・`)

All above photos taken by Ryan Santos Phillips
Clothing by Elidh Ho/Book of Deer

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ukulele Fashion

Hello all! Let me start by saying that I apologize for the lack of postings the past couple of months, I've been crazy busy with figuring out school stuff and life in general and just haven't found the time to photograph my outfits... Which is sad because I'd like to make more OOTD style posts... Anyway, now it's Spring (it was 77 degrees today!), I've (finally) chosen a school for next year, and I'm ready to start shooting and posting much, much more (let's hope). 

A month or so ago from today (once again, I'm so sorry for the major delay), Ukulele Fashion, a super cute London-based brand that showcases lots of romantic and girly styles, was kind enough to send me three beautiful pink dresses to shoot with for this post! Once I received them, I couldn't help but notice how high quality the fabrics were and how beautifully the dresses themselves were designed (such incredible detail!). And I absolutely could not wait to photograph them in one of New York City's most beautiful seasons- the spring. I knew the newly bloomed cherry blossoms would make for a truly perfect backdrop, and patiently awaited their arrival all of March (it took them long enough!). The pinks and whites of the little flowers suit the pale pinks of these dresses so perfectly, and I'm so happy that I did end up waiting to shoot these (despite the guilt that consumed me during all of that time when I knew I should be focusing on my new blog and making more posts).
Enjoy! <3

Dress: Pia Dress

 This dress came in two parts- as a pink slip and as a sheer polka dot smock swing type dress. Once again, the detailing on these polka dots is incredible! And I just love the delicate nature of the sheer top dress. This dress is absolutely perfect for those hot spring and summer days.

Dress: Lia Dress
Hat: Thrifted from L Train Vintage

I think this was my favorite dress of the three! I adore the shift cut, the cute collar/cuff combo, and the color block style that allows it to be seen as either a dress or a sort of collared shirt and skirt combo. So lovely! It kind of reminds me of Anna Karina's style in Pierrot Le Fou.

Dress: Hebe Dress

And finally, I present to you this beautifully cut and, in my opinion, princess-like dress. This dress is so sturdy and thick and yet beautiful and flattering, when I first saw it I was incredibly impressed by the quality of this garment. Also, the cute embroidered flowers on the bottom hem are an added detail that makes it impossible to resist. I can't wait to picnic in Central Park in this dress one of these upcoming weekends.

Hope you enjoyed! I'll definitely be making a couple more posts in the next week or so-- stay tuned! 

All above photos taken by Ryan Santos Phillips
Clothing by Ukulele Fashion

Friday, February 27, 2015

Dahlia SS / 15

Hello! One of my all-time favorite brands, Dahlia, recently sent me six of my favorite outfits from their absolutely lovely Spring/Summer '15 collection to style in my own way and to shoot an editorial with (coming soon <3). The clothing that they make is so wonderful, as it's all very 60s inspired (one of my favorite fashion eras), and I'm so honored to have had the opportunity to shoot a collaboration such as this one with them. I just adore all of the peter pan collars, fun prints, and tiny details that make up this incredible collection, and it was no trouble at all to style the pieces with what I own considering their style fits so perfectly with what I already wear on a pretty much day-to-day basis. Plus, thankfully there's been a vacant apartment below mine for the past couple of months (?? so strange in New York City, I know) so I discovered that it was the perfect place to take simple, well-lit photos (so many more windows then in my dark cave of an apartment!!). My boyfriend and I snuck down there over the span of a couple of days to shoot these without, thankfully, any bother from the slightly intimidating real estate agency workers on the lower floor, and I'm so happy with how they turned out! It was also one of my boyfriend's first times taking more fashion-y photos, and he did so well (another talent to add to his list)-- I'm going to have to start making him be my full-time blog photographer... Just kidding.. Kind of.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos! And be sure to check out the rest of Dahlia's dreamy collection at (*◕ᴗ◕*)

Plus-- check out my interview with them talking about this post and life and whatnot at

I love the scalloped collar on this dress so much! It's so sturdy and well-shaped. Also, it's detachable, so if you decided you want more of a simple look you can take it off without a problem. This dress was probably my favorite out of the entire collection (although, it's a tough call-- everything's so great!) and the added pleated detail on the sleeve pretty much makes it. 

This matching shorts/shirt combination is so cute! I've never really thought of matching two prints on top and bottom (I'm usually more of an avid print mixer) but it turned out so nicely and after putting this on.. Well, let's just say I'll probably be wearing a matching set of some sort the next time you see me.

The perfectly delicate white flower detail on this dress was the first thing that caught my eye, and since I've always been such a fan of florals (I have a problem), I couldn't wait to pair it with these flower tights from ASOS that I'd been wanting to wear but was putting it off for the warmer months ahead. Side note: This dress also reminds me of this little shirt that I got in Guatemala when I was younger (what happened to that shirt?)...

I had the most doubts about successfully styling this skirt, as I don't usually buy longer skirts for whatever reason, and wasn't really sure what to wear with it at first, but I ended up pairing it with another item in my wardrobe that was a slightly unusual/impulse buy for me (this black velvet crop top from American Apparel) and I'm super stoked with how it turned out! The light pink color of this skirt is such a perfect shade of pink and it's inspired me to want to invite more long skirts into my life. I apologize for the right side of the skirt being blown out in the above image-- the lighting wasn't nearly as nice as I predicted it would be, and it probably doesn't do the detail the justice it deserves. Such a lovely skirt though!

Another matching set! And another thing I usually don't take the time to try wearing-- pants. I don't know what it is, but over the past couple of years I've been notorious for never wearing pants, and it's just kind of stuck-- until now! These pants are really cool! I don't say that lightly, as I'm incredibly picky about my pants, but these pants are so nice. They fit so well, and I love the culotte fit of them, which is a newly popular style that I hadn't gotten around to trying out yet. Plus, the print is so beautiful! It reminds me of the super green plant-filled (I love plants) botanical gardens around this city that I find myself visiting on pretty much every free day of mine. So peaceful~

This dress, and the many styles they carry that are similar to it, are what originally caught my attention when I first discovered Dahlia some time ago. I immediately fell in love with the smock cut, the little ribbon, the small flower detail on the top, and most of all, and the most expected from me-- the peter pan collar! This dress is just so dreamy (literally, my dream dress) and I'm so grateful to finally have had the opportunity to see it in the flesh. I decided to pair it with one of my mock necks for a colder weather look I suppose (it is still the dead of winter here) and with my white tights for a slight bit of leg warmth. Such a perfect creation, this dress.

(o˘◡˘o) Anyway, have a lovely day! And be sure to check out Dahlia-- they make such wonderful clothes and the company is made up of even more wonderful people.

All above photos taken by Ryan Santos Phillips
Clothing by Dahlia

Monday, February 23, 2015

Toujours Toi Family Affairs

In early February, after deciding to collaborate for my first blog post, I received some lovely outfits to shoot with from local Brooklyn designers Nina and Kayla Egli, who together make up Toujours Toi Family Affairs.  When I stumbled across their website months ago, I fell in love with the clothing-- with all of the beautiful collars and little details that make these designs stand out so much from the usual attire, and it made me so happy to be presented with the opportunity to shoot with it. Now, after having spent the past couple of weeks shooting and compiling these images, they are finally ready to share with you. In the following photos, I am proud to present you with some of the wonderfully whimsical pieces that make up Family Affairs. <3

Dress: Minnie Dress
Earrings: Cupid Earrings

Dress: Yoko Dress
Earrings: Cupid Earrings

Dress: Yoko Dress
Earrings: Cupid Earrings

Dress: Maeve Dress
Earrings: Cupid Earrings

Dress: Maeve Dress
Earrings: Cupid Earrings

All above photos taken by David White and Ryan Santos Phillips
Clothing by Nina Egli and Kayla Egli

I had a ton of fun shooting all of these= it gave me a chance to dress up despite the icy cold weather that limits to me to wearing the two outfits that I own that can withstand snow. Plus, I've always been a fan of location scouting, so it was interesting for me to try to match the pieces with the backgrounds and places that felt right to me (while not freezing to death...). Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these images, and, once again, be sure to check out some of their lovely designs at